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Love Cohoes:

Elizabeth K. Gordon

Paperback, 136 pgs., 5" x 7"

A far-ranging collection of poems centering on the white, working class town of Cohoes, NY, by the author of Walk With Us.


Love Cohoes

Heroic and elegiac. Entering the air as hallelujah. A blueprint for saving the good of these United States. -- The richly narrative, musical poems in Elizabeth Gordonís debut collection are marked by humor, accessibility, and lyricism. They giggle and sing. And the love they bring to bear on the old mill city of Cohoes, and all it stands for, is a tough love, a love directed outward but also inward; at segregation and the emigrant trauma buried none too deeply in Cohoes' history and also at the writerís own relationship with her white working class roots. The book transcends time, place and politics with what one reviewer has called a novel-like scope and depth, along the way opening to the stories and hearts of many voices Ė from the Great Peacemaker, founder of the Haudenosaunee (or Iroquois Confederacy), to homesick 19th century mill workers, to 21st century death row inmate Troy Davis. Love Cohoes experiments with form and even conceives a new one, the cohonna. It includes Gordonís breakout poems Addition and Subtraction (for the Sandy Hook first graders) and her hilarious, irreverent mock test, Are You Really Working Class?